October 7, 1942. The USSR does not need American tanks and ammunition, it needs planes, canned food, metals

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October 7, 1942. The USSR does not need American tanks and ammunition, it needs planes, canned food, metals

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On October 7 Stalin sends a personal message to US President Franklin Roosevelt. The letter is interesting for the considerations of the Soviet leader both about the quality of American equipment received under Lend-Lease and about the situation at the front. Stalin speaks bluntly: the Germans have a two-fold superiority in the sky over Stalingrad, and the situation is difficult. Meanwhile, nothing is happening in the west. The Allies do not even begin the promised operation in North Africa. Stalin proposes to adjust the supply. American weapons other than aircraft are not needed. The focus is on what the Soviet rear does not have time to produce in sufficient quantities so far: metals, explosives, canned food, etc.


Taking the opportunity to send you a personal message thanks to the kind assistance of Mr. Standley, who is leaving for Washington, I would like to express some thoughts about military supplies from the USA to the USSR.

Supply constraints are said to be primarily due to a lack of tonnage. To ease the matter of tonnage, the Soviet Government would be ready to agree to some reduction in the amount of old American weapons to the Soviet Union. We are ready to temporarily and completely refuse the supply of tanks, artillery, ammunition, pistols, etc. But at the same time, we are in dire need of increasing the supply of modern-type fighter aircraft (for example, the Airacobra) and ensuring certain other supplies under all conditions. . It should be borne in mind that the Kithawk aircraft cannot withstand the fight against the current German fighters.

It would be very good if the United States at least provided us with the following deliveries (monthly): fighters - 500 pieces, trucks - 8 or 10 thousand pieces, aluminum - 5 thousand tons, explosives - 4-5 thousand tons. In addition, it is important to ensure the supply of 2 million tons of grain (wheat) within 12 months, as well as a possible amount of fats, concentrates, and canned meat. We would be able to bring a significant part of the food through Vladivostok by the Soviet fleet if the USA agreed to cede to the USSR at least 2-3 dozen ships to replenish our fleet. I have already spoken to Mr. Wilkie, confident that he will inform you of it.

As regards the situation at the front, you, of course, know that in recent months our situation in the south, especially in the area of Stalingrad, has deteriorated due to our shortage of aircraft, mainly fighters. The Germans had a large reserve of aircraft. The Germans have at least double air superiority in the south, which makes it impossible for us to cover our troops. The practice of war has shown that the most courageous troops become helpless if they are not protected from air strikes.

October 7, 1942.
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Roosevelt and Churchill were bleeding out the Soviet Union as much as they could.

Only when it looked like the Soviets would make it to Berlin all on their own did they pull their thumbs out their arse.
And during that period Churchill would devise his "Operation Unthinkable" in which he planned to re-arm the Werrhmacht, invade the Soviet Union whilst dropping nuclear bombs on the Soviets
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