Grover Furrs new book

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Grover Furrs new book

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(Mail from Grover furr)

Dear friends:

I am happy to announce the publication of the book */Stalin Exonerated.
Fact-Checking the Death of Solomon Mikhoels/*, coauthored by Grover Furr
and Vladimir L. Bobrov.

On the night of January 12-13, 1948, Solomon Mikhailovich Mikhoels,
a prominent actor and director in the Yiddish language Soviet
theater, together with a friend, Vladimir Golubov, were killed in a
hit-and-run accident on a dark street in Minsk, Byelorussian SSR.

Mikhoels was buried with honors and praised in the Soviet press. But
in 1992 documents began to appear claiming that Joseph Stalin had
ordered Mikhoels murdered. Today the story that Stalin ordered
Mikhoels murdered is repeated by all researchers and popularizers of
Soviet history.

Our investigation into the “Mikhoels case” began in 2004-5,
continued in 2015-6 and 2021-3. Now it is complete. The evidence is
unequivocal: Mikhoels was not killed by Stalin’s order. The
documents on which this allegation is based are fakes.

/*The Mikhoels murder case is an unusually blatant example of
fraudulent “scholarship.”*/


This book is available at the usual retail price of $25 plus shipping at in the USA and at the other Amazon outlets in Canada, Mexico,
the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Portugal,
Australia, Brazil, etc.

*For the next month I and my publisher, Erythrós Press & Media, LLC are
offering this book for $20, mailing costs included (to U.S. addresses
only). *
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