Incoming US/French invasion of Niger

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Incoming US/French invasion of Niger

Post by Tankanator »

In relation to Niger's announced suspension of uranium & gold exports to France.

"The French nuclear technology company Orano is shocked, they have been mining uranium in Niger since 1970, and now they have been shown the exit. French nuclear power plants use uranium from Niger, 25% of all uranium consumed by the European Union was also mined in this African country.

The likelihood of an attack by France and the United States on Niger has increased significantly, the military have shown in practice that they are ready to fight the invaders and colonizers.
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Post by LeninsBow »

France is now evacuating it's citizens from Niger ... n-citizens

A sign that the US and France are going to go in and destroy Niger.
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Post by LinusBorvalds »

I wasn't entirely sure what to think about the coup in Niger, but the op-ed by their "arbitrarily and illegally imprisoned" president Mohamed Bazoum just published by the Washington Post (!) has made up my mind.

Bazoum claims the completely unjustified coup is "trying to overthrow our democracy" and endorsed the ECOWAS sanctions against his country, which had been so "successful in terms of economic and social governance." Except in the very next breath he says "Foreign aid makes up 40 percent of our national budget, but it will not be delivered if the coup succeeds."

While Bazoum had worked with "our partners" USAID and the Indiana National Guard, the neighboring Mali and Burkina Faso employed "criminal Russian mercenaries such as the Wagner Group at the expense of their people’s rights and dignity."

"US Secretary of State Antony Blinken called Niger 'a model of resilience, a model of democracy, a model of cooperation'," Bazoum practically whined at one point.

Then comes the pitch:

With an open invitation from the coup plotters and their regional allies, the entire central Sahel region could fall to Russian influence via the Wagner Group, whose brutal terrorism has been on full display in Ukraine. [...] In our hour of need, I call on the U.S. government and the entire international community to help us restore our constitutional order. Fighting for our shared values, including democratic pluralism and respect for the rule of law, is the only way to make sustainable progress against poverty and terrorism. The Nigerien people will never forget your support at this pivotal moment in our history.

Somewhere out there, Vladimir Zelensky is seething that he has just been displaced as GAE's top sycophant...
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