Daily Worker - 30 articles between 1940 and 1941

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Daily Worker - 30 articles between 1940 and 1941

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Daily worker was the Communist Party of Britains paper
Daily worker was suppressed on January 21st, 1941, under an Order issued in accordance with Defence Regulation 2D, which empowers the Home Secretary to close down any newspaper which, in his opinion, is systematically pub¬ lishing matter in opposition to the war. The Daily Worker was not tried in a court of law. Neither was it granted the right of appeal.

The suppression of the Daily Worker has become a matter of wide public interest and concern. It was the occasion of a Parliamentary Debate and division, and a large number of Labour and democratic organisations have demanded the lifting of the ban in the name of the freedom of the Press.

This collection of leading articles, covering questions of war and peace, of foreign policy and home affairs, is therefore published for the enlightenment of public opinion and in order to show what the Daily Worker stood for during the critical period that began with the fall of France,
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