1941 Nazi Atrocities at Katyn

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1941 Nazi Atrocities at Katyn

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Nazis were convicted at Nuremberg for the Atrocities at Katyn, as documented at Nuremberg
In September 1941, 11,000 Polish officers who were prisoners of war were killed in the Katyn Forest near Smolensk.
https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/nu ... ount-three

Goering was tried for Count 3 (above quote containing Katyn massacre) at Nuremberg.
The Defendant Goering between 1932 and l945 was: A member of the Nazi Party, Supreme Leader of the SA, General in the SS, a member and President of the Reichstag, Minister of the Interior of Prussia, Chief of the Prussian Police and Prussian Secret State Police, Chief of the Prussian State Council, Trustee of the Four Year Plan, Reich Minister for Air, Commander-in-Chief of the Air; Force, President of the Council of Ministers for the Defense of the Reich, member of the Secret Cabinet Council, head of the Hermann Goering Industrial Combine, and Successor Designate to Hitler. The Defendant Goering used the foregoing positions, his personal influence, and his intimate connection with the Fuehrer in such a manner that: He promoted the accession to power of the Nazi conspirators and the consolidation of their control over Germany set forth in Count One of the Indictment; he promoted the military and economic preparation for war set forth in Count One of the Indictment; he participated in the planning and preparation of the Nazi conspirators for Wars of Aggression and Wars in Violation of International Treaties, Agreements, and Assurances set forth in Counts One and Two of the Indictment; and he authorized, directed, and participated in the War Crimes set forth in Count Three of the Indictment; and the Crimes against Humanity set forth in Count Four of the Indictment, including a wide variety of crimes against persons and property.

Holocaust Revisionism

Before World war 2 was over Churchill was drawing up plans to rearm the Wehrmacht and invade the Soviet Union under Operation Unthinkable.

When Churchill formerly declared a Cold War against the Soviet Union the US and Britain (and the other Anglo nations) already stopped prosecuting European Nazis (whether they be German/Croatian/Albanian/Ukrainian/Lithuanian/Latvian/Estonian/Finnish etc) and began arming them instead.

To justify this liberals began a form of holocaust revisionism. In regards to German-Ukrainian-Nationalists in the OUN and UPA who had collaborated with the Hitlerites and committed the holocaust they began to propagate the "holodomor" which became a defining point of Ukrainian 'Nationalism' and Ukrainian identity differentiating from the Russian peoples.

To aid the Polish nationalists in their breakup from the Soviet Union and switching of sides to the liberal West the Katyn massacre was revised to have actually been committed by Soviets.
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