Pyongyang Times: Cuba achieves continued cultural development

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Pyongyang Times: Cuba achieves continued cultural development

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It is a common aspiration of all nations to value and further develop their cultures.

Therefore, the Cuban people significantly mark October 20 when their national anthem was born as the Day of Culture.

Before their victorious revolution, the Cubans were very backward in civilization. At that time, more than one million out of their population standing at 6.5 million were illiterates and the infant mortality rate was over 100 per 1 000.

The country had only some 340 doctors and the average life expectancy of its residents failed to reach 56. Such other fields as science, art and literature and sports also lagged behind.

After the historic revolution emerged victorious in 1959, Cuba enforced socialist and people’s democratic policies, which brought about great cultural progress.

Above all, the education sector witnessed a rapid development.

As it pursued a correct educational policy, Cuba became the first illiterate-free country in Latin America. At present, it is also directing much effort to educational development. Its secondary and higher education is reportedly at a high level among developing countries.

President Miguel Mario Diaz-Canel Bermudez expressed a stand to channel big efforts into developing education as he addressed a meeting of officials of the education sector on August 31 this year.

He said the Cuban government is doing its best for the education of children despite the very difficult situation and will make success in education work in any adversity. And he stressed the need to make it a principle in education to strengthen vocational and special schools and link education and business, and to make students see labour as their duty and right path of life.

The Communist Party of Cuba and the government also pay close attention to the improvement of public health.

The establishment of well-organized medical service networks in all regions of the country has brought about great success in the promotion of the people’s health.

In particular, medical care of residents is being improved by stepping up the informatization of the public health sector.

Children of Cuba enjoy state benefits from their birth and its infant mortality has remarkably decreased as compared to the pre-revolution period. The medicines developed by the country with an advanced pharmaceutical industry are a focus of attention of the international medical circles. It is now striving to become the first nation completely free from tuberculosis in the Latin American region.

Scientific research has also made big strides.

At a meeting held in Villa Clara on August 25, the Cuban President called for actively developing scientific research in the social and economic fields.

The government also puts in a great deal of effort for the training of talents with specialized knowledge as it attaches importance to the role of science in implementing the strategy for national development.

The Cuban Party and government are deeply concerned for the preservation of national heritage as well.

They make active efforts to safeguard cultural heritage in Havana, regarding it as an important undertaking for preserving national history.

Thanks to their correct policies, Cuba’s culture will flourish as the days go by. ... 05a403ff81
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