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It's utterly remarkable you can have a Marxist-Leninist analysis of the tranny movement - which has resulted in
-drugs like lupron that used to chemically castrate sex offenders being pushed on kids
-castration for boys
-double mastectomies for girls
and not mention bourgeois decadence.

This person needs to read our article on Homosexuality and bourgeois Decadence

I suppose noone wants to put their head above the parapet because the Homintern wields an extraordinary amount of power. Homosexuality, being based in pure narcissm, means they are also the most highly organised group in imperialist society.
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Post by Charlotte »

The problem with Western communists and the Communist movement is there is no speakable proletariat to speak of.

What you have is petite-booj, labour aristocrats and Professional Managerial Class pushing their liberal death cult on everyone else.

So when you point out that homosexuality has no biological origins and it's origins are in fact, social relations of extreme parasitism (what every Communist agreed with until the Frankfurt School), you will end up offending everyone because the liberal believes it is their right to do what they want with their bodies despite the anti-culture created around it as a result.

If imperialism does become destroyed so does the entire conditions for homosexuality (and it's increasing amount of letters of anti-social behaviour like transgenderism).

So if there's no proletariat in imperialist societies and the layers described are already in the pay of the imperialists then their liberal "freedom" is another perk for them to be bribed with by imperialist society.

To say "bourgeois decadence" is to invite incessant attacks by the labour aristocrats
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