Why The Apollo 11 Space Program Was Bullshit

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Why The Apollo 11 Space Program Was Bullshit

Post by JoeySteel »

Why the Yankee's did not land on the moon and it was a psyop to discredit Soviet achievements in space and to force them into an expensive space race

○Be devious, ontologically evil Yankee's
○JFK gives a retarded "We Choose The Moon" speech in which he asserts the US will get to the moon before the end of the 1960s
○NASA And US regime realises getting to moon is impossible
○Drastically behind the Soviets in the space race
○realises it can get the Soviets to expend huge resources on a space race
○In 1969 Soviets had 500% more manhours in space
○In June 1969 the Soviets launch an unmanned probe to the moon to retrieve the worlds first sample - which crash lands. Were it not for the crash landing the first soil sample of the moon would be Soviet
○Sends Apollo 11 'to the Moon' one month later
○Astronauts visibly distressed, sad and depressed in post Apollo 11 conference
○When asked if they could see any stars they panic and say there was nothing but blackness because star locations would provide locations of where they landed
○You can see entire constellations outside of urbran areas but not on the moon apparently
Someone literally tapes over the Apollo 11 tapes of the most detailed moonwalks
○2 decades after 'moon landing' the US can't even put into orbit a Telescope with a lens thats focused in a project that was years behind schedule and over budget
○Supposed to believe that the US went to the moon on the first go - a mission a thousand times more complicated - on time and under budget
○Literal footage of Apollo 11 team faking part of their mission by manipulating the spacecrafts window to make the earth look further away than it was
○Literal photos of multiple light sources on the moon
○Artificial light hotspots all over the photo's taken 'on the moon'
○There's literal photos of prop 'moon rocks' with the letter C written on them - later releases of the same photo have airbushed out the "C"

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Post by AgentSonya »

Chavez didn't fall for that crock of shit either
To this, Penn replied that surely Bin Laden had provided quite a number of his very own broadcasts and videos. I was again impressed by the way that Chávez rejected this proffered lucid-interval lifeline. All of this so-called evidence, too, was a mere product of imperialist television. After all, “there is film of the Americans landing on the moon,” he scoffed. “Does that mean the moon shot really happened? In the film, the Yanqui flag is flying straight out. So, is there wind on the moon?” As Chávez beamed with triumph at this logic, an awkwardness descended on my comrades, and on the conversation.
https://slate.com/news-and-politics/201 ... -penn.html
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Post by Charlotte »

Kelly Smith of Nasa admits we haven't the technology to go through the Van Allen belt around the Earth.

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Post by Mandrake »

This is Putin being told that Googles Neural AI network considers Apollo pictures to be fakes

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