Conquering The Minds Of The Proletariat

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Conquering The Minds Of The Proletariat

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Joseph "Jungle" Borrel has stated:
"This war is also a war of narratives. It is a war of storytellers — how you present this war. We have to fight this war, because you do not only conquer surface, you conquer the brains. You conquer the minds of the people. This war has to be fought." ... s_en?s=232
Joseph Borrel reached infamy when he stated the quiet part outloud, "that Europe is a garden and the rest of the world a jungle".

Under this context we can see how Borrel wants to "conquer the minds". The jungle in this context is to be exploited by Multi-National corporations that have long since elevated higher than the nation or state. Serving the interests of corporations in the 'Garden'.
As the American nation is dissolved into American cosmopolitanism the United States (and it's vassals) have moved from a race based empire (built on the White Christian Nation) to a multi-racial empire based on mass consumer culture, lowest common denominator drivel(infantilising Marvel/Disney), homosexual-ism and urbanised cosmopolitanism.

Weak Ukrainian Nationality Has Led Them To Be Willing Footsoldiers For The 'Garden'

Zelensky as representative of the Ukrainian nation has led Ukrainians to their destruction.
Yet Ukrainians cannot be exempted from their own responsibility - who seem to be willing to die in droves.
The Ukrainian nation is a barely formed nation with a weak national identity. Ukraine being a borderland of Russia has never been able to cement a national identity on anything other than extreme race hatred of the others (the Polish/Russians). It was always the case that the Ukrainians would not stand and die for Urkaine with such weak national identity. Most have fled the country, never to return. The remaining ones having to be press ganged into the front lines with the Ukrainian Banderites doing blocking detachments to shoot anyone that tries to leave.

Only as a Soviet State in brotherhood with the Russians was Ukraine able to rise as a place of culture, industry, commerce, enterprise and working class internationalism. Ukrainians held their own State within the Soviet Union and in place of ethnic chauvinism toward Russians or Poles they were able to develop economically (and politically/culturally etc taking economics as base).

Zelensky revealed his hand recently when stating "No on wants to emigrate to Russia".
The unsaid part of this is that a lot of Ukrainians do want to immigrate to the West where they believe it's all rainbows and honey.
For Zelensky Ukraine is not a sovereign State but merely a market to be bought and sold. Zelensky has sold the Ukraine state to the US empire where it will remain a State rife with drugs, human and child trafficking, organ trafficking and a cheap labour pool for the European Union.

Zelensky himself will move to Miami with duffel bags of cash, just as Ashraf Ghani (former Afghan president and US puppet) who fled Afghanistan. Ukrainians, like many in the Eastern Bloc before them, are dying for passports to the West where they can partake in the loot from NATO imperialism. The alternative is difficult, sovereign and nationalist development. The DPRK for instance is probably the most sovereign country in the world but is completely locked out of world markets. The same is starting to be said of Russia who are now the most sanctioned country in the world.

Socialism does not pay as well as imperialism afterall.

Imperialism can provide chocolate farmed in Burkino Faso by children, cheap uranium from Niger, Burmese slaves farming prawns, trafficked women for German legalised brothels etc.

The Russian's Dissolving The Myth of American Hegemony

For a long time the US and it's propaganda pundit class have stated that Russia is nothing more than a "gas station with nukes". This propaganda has dug so deep it is now in the minds of the liberals who fervently believe this.
The curiosity that the West have simply cooked their books for decades in parasitic finance capital that produces nothing of value has not occured to these smugfuck liberals. One is of how mathmaticians were finding employment in the stock markets prior to 2008 creating mathmatically complex derivative packages of junk credit that could be sold and traded as triple A debt packages to banks. This is how imperialism squanders the minds of it's brightest subjects.

The Ukraine war has been a wake up call as Russia dissolves this propaganda not with repetitive catch phrases vomited by smug retard liberals but in the application of Russian industrial production and manufacturing.

The US no longer has the economic manufacturing base to compete with either Russia or China.
Today the US only barely produces more steel than Russia.
Meanwhile China produces more than ten times the amount of steel than USA.
Screenshot from 2023-09-06 11-01-35.png
Screenshot from 2023-09-06 11-01-35.png (33.39 KiB) Viewed 3458 times
And Russia produces the most engineers on earth
Screenshot from 2023-09-06 11-09-14.png
Screenshot from 2023-09-06 11-09-14.png (59.03 KiB) Viewed 3457 times
The Inevitability Of A World War 3

The US has long descended into a degenerate parasitic Empire who's main goal is to ensure no economic development occurs in the world. It is reflected in it's completely degenerate sodomite culture where politics is now based on the sexual acts you like to perform. The infantilising of the working class can be seen on the other side of the coin where video games become a necessary form of escapism from the sodomite culture created by the bourgeois. Take a look at this grown man ranting about pronouns in a video game for instance.

This man feels as strongly and angry as he does about "politics" entering his video games
It is interesting that those in cosmopolitan institutions like the World Economic Forum discuss what to do with so many useless people when AI becomes ubiquitous - his answer is video games.
The same technology that renders humans useless might also make it feasible to feed and support the unemployable masses through some scheme of universal basic income. The real problem will then be to keep the masses occupied and content. People must engage in purpose­ful­ activities, or they go crazy. So, what will the useless class do all day?

One answer might be computer games ... ter-games/
So on the one hand the social manipulators of Western society (the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, Tavistock Institute) wish to encroach on the sexuality of children to push their degenerate ideology for their own hedonistic pleasures and as a form of population control. On the other side people retreat into hikkokomori, never leaving the house and desperate for entertainment escapism from their awful lives and destroyed futures. The imperialist class prevents ecnomic development to maintain it's monopolies and deliberately retards technical progress.

The extreme anger this middle aged man-baby has at being upset that 'politics' is entering his video games is an abrupt and jarring reminder of decaying capitalism: collapsing social-values, communal bonds, sense of nation and the social-experiments foisted upon society by repulsive and hated academics pushing idealism and metaphysics.

Totalitarian liberalism has deconstructed the family, the nation and even sex leaving the individual an entirely isolated component.

The Post-modern liberals insist "everything is a social-construct" forgetting that social-constructs are what separate us from animals.

The final deconstruction of the post-modernist Nazi-Liberals (who wave Azovite flags and nazi slogans like "Slava Ukraini") is to deconstruct the human being. Canada's offer to Euthanise the poor is an illustrative example of their contempt for human life.
Since last year, Canadian law, in all its majesty, has allowed both the rich as well as the poor to kill themselves if they are too poor to continue living with dignity. In fact, the ever-generous Canadian state will even pay for their deaths. What it will not do is spend money to allow them to live instead of killing themselves. ... -the-poor/
On the other side economic development must be held back to nebulously "save the environment". This is why the USA's foreign policy, particularly it's NGO's in Asia, is centered around hindering economic development and stopping high speed rail lines being built by China under "environmental concerns".

The US's military is the most polluting component of the modern world. (MotherJones, Why the Pentagon Is the World’s Biggest Single Greenhouse Gas Emitter, Oct 7 2022)
Yet there is no clamour to dismantle the giant network of US military bases stationed around the world to control it's resources and stamp out any resistance, communist or otherwise, to US monopolies. The Interplantary Government Panel on Climate Change keeps putting out doomsday reports (retracting them only once a social-movement of hysterical whining has been created ).
The climate “catastrophe” isn’t what it used to be. Circa 2013 with publication of the IPCC AR5 Report, RCP8.5 was regarded as the business-as-usual emissions scenario, with expected warming of 4 to 5 oC by 2100. Now there is growing acceptance that RCP8.5 is implausible, and RCP4.5 is arguably the current business-as-usual emissions scenario. Only a few years ago, an emissions trajectory that followed RCP4.5 with 2 to 3 oC warming was regarded as climate policy success. As limiting warming to 2 oC seems to be in reach (now deemed to be the “threshold of catastrophe”), the goal posts were moved in 2018 to reduce the warming target to 1.5 oC. Climate catastrophe rhetoric now seems linked to extreme weather events, most of which are difficult to identify any role for human-caused climate change in increasing either their intensity or frequency.

Judith Curry, The climate ‘crisis’ isn’t what it used to be, Nov 2 2022)

Imperialism Means The Inevitability of World War 3

Lenin stated that "revolutions will either prevent wars or end wars". We have yet to ever see a revolution pre-empt a war. Rather we have seen revolutions as a result of failed wars where the State collapses and loses legitimacy in one fell swoop.

World War 3 is inevitable. The Degenerate West will do everything it can to maintain it's garden and monopoly position. Only after the West is decisively defeated in the arena of blood and steel will the proletariat of Western nation be rid of those who seek to "conquer the brains" them.
The British Challenger 2's that were supposed to be invincible have gone the same way the Leopards, Abrams and the other wunder-waffen Western propaganda bleats about.
british challenger 2 destroyed.jpg
british challenger 2 destroyed.jpg (49.7 KiB) Viewed 3458 times
Only then will they be free to pursue liberty, socialism and the building up of the productive forces to smash their current mode of production.
But not one second before the mountain of corpses resulting from a third world war are produced.
A son of the English Republic
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Nice article I'll move to RedArmy Articles

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What to me has been truly shocking is how the Ukrainians have gone with this. How their society is allowing grannies, autistics and people with various serious disease to fight.

I am reminded of Arestovich saying in 2019 that
There'd be a big war then we join NATO. If Russia win's they'll turn the Ukrainian army around and march West

Which leads me to believe that the West is pushing this war to continue until the Ukrainian army is completely destroyed so there is no threat from Ukraine-Russia eventual alliance.
Arestovich large war with nato .mp4
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I only just got round to reading this

Excellent analysis.
Things really ramped up in world war 3
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