In Defence Of Central Planning

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In Defence Of Central Planning

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The Dengoid trend among communist movement is pervasive and owns almost every communist space on the internet.

The Dengoids insist that Deng's economic reforms were a great moment in history.

The Dengoids seek to replace Marxism with Keynsianism.

So this thread will be a thread in defence of a Centrally Planned Economy
Only conscious organisation of social production, in which production and distribution are carried out in a planned way, can lift mankind above the rest of the animal world as regards the social aspect … Historical evolution makes such an organisation daily more indispensable but also with every day more possible.

“From it will date a new epoch of history, in which mankind itself, and with mankind, all branches of its activity, and particularly natural science, will experience an advance that will put everything preceding it into the shade.”
Engels (Dialectics of Nature, 1883, Introduction)
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Post by Charlotte »

“the transformation of the whole state economic mechanism into a single huge machine, into an economic organism that will work in the such a way as to enable hundreds of millions of people to be guided by a single plan”.
Political report of the central committee to the extraordinary seventh congress of the RCPB
Lenin(B), 7 March 1918 ... ong/01.htm
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