Does Anyone Work For Putin Who Isn't a Western Asset?

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Does Anyone Work For Putin Who Isn't a Western Asset?

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To answer the question posed in the title: maybe the janitors working at the Kremlin aren’t reporting to their masters in the West.

As for everyone else, well, it is only a matter of time before the full list is revealed. In the past week though, we added several more people to the the list of foreign intelligence assets.

First up, one of Shoigu’s deputies fled to the West, taking her stolen assets with her.

It’s just that the deputy of the Tuvan degenerate Tatyana Shevtsova immediately after her resignation left for France, where she has a huge amount of expensive real estate. She was Deputy Secretary of Defense for more than 12 years. So they are not only thieves, but also traitors working for the West? The result of their activities is literally seen outside our window.

Oh and somehow, she managed to slip out of the border undetected.

Oops! Fooled again!! Next time for sure!

To quote Dr. Livsci:
When you consider that anyone of any consequence in Russia has their family and property in the West its maybe remarkable that Russia hasn't lost even harder.
Well that’s looking at the bright side of things, for sure.

There is a lot more to the story. The web of corruption is massive and includes all of the career generals. Tsargrad has a more fleshed out story. Here is an excerpt implicating more names in the recent high-level defection to NATO:
Actually, the relationship was this - Ivanov often visited abroad in the most luxurious resorts. Information about this was publicly posted by his wife along with joint photographs. Kuznetsov, before he headed the personnel service, was the head of the 8th Directorate of the General Staff of the Ministry for the Protection of the State, which, in theory, was responsible for issuing permission to the guardians of the guest house to travel abroad. Ivanov found multi-billion dollar property and a lot of money, and Kuznetsov was presented with a particularly large bribe. So, they previously wrote that Shevtsova had to monitor the non-targeted expenditures of budget funds in the Ministry of Defense.

General Shevtsov herself held the same position under Serdyukov before becoming Deputy Minister of Defense under Shoigu. And she came to the Ministry of Defense from the Federal Tax Service, where she was the deputy head of the tax, which was headed by Serdyukov. ... ik_1020621

And who appointed first Serdyukov and then Shoigu to their posts …

Speaking of spook assets, Pepe Escobar decided to double-down on the ZAnon insanity and made an even more bold claim about Moscow’s secret plans in his recent video:

He said that Moscow has a “secret” plan to liberate Odessa. Don’t tell the enemy though, fellow patriots! Loose lips sink ships!

After the 18:00 mark after he expertly points out that Russia would need "at least 300k troops" to take Odessa, he then says that Odessa will hold a referendum in August after the Rada becomes illegitimate in August. Great, so let’s put that on our calendars and check in a month and some.

Yes, the evilest mostest Nazistest state in human history is just going to let the Odessans vote their way out of the union. Why? Because 5D Judo-Checkmate, bigot!

And Pepe wasn’t alone in making these claims.

Dmitry Orlov chimed in and spilled the beans about the secret Moscow plot to take Odessa:

• The conditions currently on offer stipulate Crimea, Donetsk, Lugansk, Zaporozhye and Kherson as sovereign Russian territory but allow Kiev to keep the rest provided it disarms and prosecutes its Nazi war criminals. Oh, and Russian has to become an official language again, taught at schools and universities. Oh, and the Ukraine has to maintain neutrality. Oh, and all the sanctions against Russia have to be dropped. But Kiev's American puppeteers are highly unlikely to accept this offer.

• And that would bring us to the next offer: Kharkov, Dnepropetrovsk, Nikolaev and Odessa regions hold referenda and vote to join the Russian Federation. Hurrah! Still no takers?

• The next offer after that: Chernigov, Sumy, Poltava and Kirovograd regions revert to Russia. Still not sweet enough for the Americans?

ZAnon has well and truly gone bananas, folks.

FYI, Andrew Korybko recently shared a video with me on X where Pepe Escobar brags that he’s a spook asset for two intelligence agencies.

Interesting admission on the part of Pepe and a revelation that evaporates any lingering sympathy I may have had for him.

We need to start a petition to see his 23&Me results

No wonder he is given the red carpet in the Kremlin. They recognize and welcome one of their own. These “infowars” if you will, are a proxy battlefield for the secret police who spy on, lie to and manipulate the rest of us.

I will die on this hill (metaphorically, I hope): you can’t find a prominent media personality anywhere that isn’t a mobbed-up spook.

Case-in-point: new proofs have been released proving that the founder of RT was a Washington asset. Here:

🤫It was worth relaxing, but here is information from the CIA

1⃣The CIA has declassified some documents ( ... 321%5D.pdf) that mention Mikhail Lesin.

➡Who is this?

⭕director of RIA Novosti, VGTRK, Gazprom-Media

⭕Head of the Department of the President of the Russian Federation for Public Relations, which he himself invented in 1996

⭕invented the slogan “Vote with your heart” and Yeltsin’s weekly addresses during the 1996 elections

⭕Minister for Press, Television and Radio Broadcasting and Mass Communications from 1999 to 2004

⭕key figure in Vladimir Putin’s election headquarters in 2000

⭕participated in the destruction of NTV and the transfer of the channel from Gusinsky to Gazprom-Media, for which the criminal case against Gusinsky was dropped

⭕adviser to President Putin

⭕rumored to be the author of the idea to create Russia Today

⭕CIA informant

🙃Yes, the Russian government minister for press, TV and media worked for the CIA.

2⃣He reported ( that the Yeltsin administration and, in particular, Voloshin, in desperation, are ready to declare a state of emergency due to the growing popularity of Luzhkov and the unrest in Chechnya and replace the prime minister Stepashin on Putin.

3⃣And then he flew to the USA to meet with the chairman of Alfa-Bank Peter Aven, but did not reach him.

4⃣For some reason he got drunk and chose the first hotel he came across. In the morning, the hotel security guard found him, still drunk, sleeping on the floor.

5⃣The next morning the maid found him dead. The official cause was a heart attack.

6⃣But here’s what’s strange - according to medical reports ( ... a-to-head- medical-examiner/2016/03/10/8a61dc16-e702-11e5-bc08-3e03a5b41910_story.html) he was found to have blunt trauma to the head, upper and lower extremities and a broken neck.

7⃣A number was paid for ( ... eting-feds) by the US Department of Justice.

8⃣And after 40 days, this passport passed passport control on departure to Russia. They say it's standard practice to cancel a dead person's visa.

Yeah, I always do this.

❌And I don’t know what surprises me more. The fact that another conspiracy theory about the Russian government working for the CIA turned out to be true, or a very strange death from repeated drunken falls on the head that the heart stopped during a meeting with US agents.

I wrote about how the three big brains behind the RT project, Lesin, Simonyan and Gromov were all Western spook assets before:
The Assassination Plot Against Sobchak and Simonyan Makes No Sense
Rurik Skywalker
18 July 2023
The Assassination Plot Against Sobchak and Simonyan Makes No Sense

Here is what the state media had to say about the latest Neo-Nazi terror plot against Russia’s brightest and most patriotic voices: MOSCOW, July 15. /TASS/. Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) has foiled a plot by Ukrainian intelligence to murder Chief Editor of RT International News TV Channel Margarita Simonyan and journalist Ksenia Sobchak throug…
Read full story

This should all make perfect sense because we live in a spookacracy where you have to be a spook to even be a piece on the board as the game is played. It is no different to how, under feudalism, you had to be a noble lord to have any say at all in the political system of the time. But we live under a system with hidden rulers.

An entire hidden caste even. The Ethnic Krypteia, if you will.

Now, the conventional wisdom states that people only really seem to get upset en masse when their expectations are dashed. That explains why the people in power are working so hard to cut down on public disappointment by promoting these hare-brained cope narratives that get more and more absurd the worse the situation on the ground looks. But if you keep your expectations of our Chosen social betters low, you won’t be disappointed — that’s my advice anyway. But some extremist types like to insist that it is dashed expectations that lead to rebellions. And since we’ve got a lot of dashed hopes and dreams in our societies, both east and west, that must mean we are on the precipice of a grand revolution, right?


Anyone with half a brain understands that it’s actually solar peaks and nadirs that determine the course of civilization.


In 1922 Alexander Chizhevsky, a young Belarusian scientist, unveiled to the world a preposterous theory: that all the great upheavals in the history of man, such as social unrest, war, and revolution, were caused by the activity of the sun. These extraordinary claims, contained in his first book, Physical Factors of Historical Process, were greeted with near universal derision, and for a time the brooding, pallid twenty-five-year-old, a descendant of a court tenor and a member of heredity nobility who was already tainted by his aristocratic lineage in the eyes of his countrymen, became the laughingstock of the newly ensconced Bolshevik Party, which disparagingly nicknamed him “the Sun Worshipper.” After all, he was essentially suggesting that all the tumultuous events leading to Russia’s liberation from corrupt tsarist rule had nothing to do with ideology or the motivation of the country’s workers and everything to do with sunspots.

You say you want a revolution, eh?

There’s a lot I could say about that, but first let me morally condemn you for bringing the topic up. Condemn and disavow. Shame on you. And … uh …

Hmm …

Lost my train of thought there.

As a consequence Chizhevsky fell out of favor for years among the scientific establishment, despite the patronage of the Nobel Prize winner, author, and political activist Maxim Gorky. Nevertheless Chizhevsky, a scientific da Vinci of sorts, stubbornly carried on with his research, attempting to make connections between biology, physics, geology, and space weather that remained invisible to most of his peers. He painstakingly examined records of all battles, upheavals, riots, revolutions, and wars, comparing them with sunspot activity for nearly two thousand years in seventy-one countries, including his own. The theory checked out: more than three-quarters of all instances of human unrest, including the Russian Revolution of 1917, had occurred during a solar maximum, the period of the maximum number of sunspots in any solar cycle. The only area that remained questionable was the mechanism of this cosmic connection, but Chizhevsky had a theory: our dependence upon the cosmic pulse of the sun might be mediated by ions, or excess charge, in the air.

This is an example of what some might call “power knowledge”. A term that just means knowledge a political ruling class possesses that helps them drive the boot harder down on your neck because you don’t know the knowledge.

Worse, chances are you have accepted a moral code dictated to you in the first place by the very same people that you are gnashing your teeth and shaking your fist at online.

Even when presented with power knowledge, the masses usually reject it.

Like, in today’s example, they don’t want to believe that Putin’s team is composed almost entirely of Western assets. They don’t want to accept what I try to tell them about Plato or Sparta or the USSR and Christianity. So, oh well? Yes, they are proud of their ignorance. Arrogant in their servitude. Stingy with their paid subscriptions.

That last one is probably the worst sin of all.

You really do need to pay me my due to break out of the matrix, Neo.

I’m not even joking about that. I mean, I plan to write an article about timing our rebellion to match with the next peak sun cycle. Where else are you gonna get that kind of “power knowledge” for such an affordable price? So, seriously, become a paid sub, already. If you ever read and believed in any of the names mentioned in today’s article, you need to expiate your sins this way.
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