Anti-Malthus Thread

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Anti-Malthus Thread

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This thread is for documenting Malthusian bullshit and it's propagation particularly from American culture.

United States has been a Malthusian state since the Neomalthusians (represented by Kissinger) came to power and issued the Kissinger report in 1974 which considered growing populations in 3rd world nations as a threat to USA's ability to steal natural resources.

Almost all of USA's institutions are malthusian to a degree.

Today's Malthusian horseshit comes from Scientific American.
he United Nations predicts dozens of countries will have shrinking populations by 2050. This is good news. Considering no other large animal’s population has grown as much, as quickly or as devastatingly for other species as ours, we should all be celebrating population decline. ... he-better/

They typically repeat the horseshit of "finite growth on a finite planet"
We can maintain the economic status quo and continue to pursue infinite growth on a finite planet.
Without failing to whine about gender equality
Lower fertility rates also typically signal an increase in gender equality. Better-educated women tend to have fewer children, later in life. This slows population growth and helps reduce carbon emissions.
Whilst promising degrowth, the hallmark of fascism with capitalism's inability to grow without forcing a change of mode of production. Degrowth has famously been used in World War 1 and 2 to destroy surplus capital and start a new boom
Population decline is only a threat to an economy based on growth. Shifting to a model based on degrowth and equity alongside lower fertility rates will help fight climate change and increase wealth and well-being.
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